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All your stats in a unified dashboard

Save time and stay on top with at a glance overviews of all earnings by your top performing networks or get full detail reports on all your network accounts and their campaign performance without the hassle of multiple logins.

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One detailed report for all your HitPath powered network accounts.

Reviewing where you are with your campaigns has never been easier with ZenDash detailed reports on clicks, sales, conversion, EPC and total earnings from multiple network accounts in one easy to review report. Look at totals by network or get detailed break downs per campaign.

You now have the power to make more educated decisions faster. The days of multiple logins and spread sheets is over.

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Unsure if important network emails or messages are making it into your inbox?

Never miss another important communication again. With ZenDash’s notification system you now have a guaranteed one stop location to view all your network emails with out having to sift through your personal inbox. Keep your work related information in one secure location for easy access and review.

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Easily manage your network accounts and create performance verticals.

Loading a new network account into ZenDash is an easy one step process. Plug in your API key from your Network account and voila all your stats get loaded in automatically. Need to pause or remove a network from ZenDash? It’s as easy as a single click of a button.

Need to manage information in your network account? You get direct access to your accounts through the network dock without the need to go to a separate login page.

Campaign managment and review is now much simpler with the ability to create custom performance verticals. Searching and filtering is now much more intuative. Intelligent search functions remember your keywords to help get you drilled down to what you are most interested in quickly and efficiently.

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